Monkey Business: A Friendly Co-Working Space With Child Care

As Parents, who wouldn’t want that peace of mind to know that your children are in a warm and caring environment and that you can get your work done without hassle.

Being a stay-at-home-mom for last 2 years wasn’t easy, as I flitted around the house from one task to another, starting a million things and finishing none, and being interrupted every sec. My haphazard mix of mothering, tweeting, playing, blogging, housekeeping, reading, and just plain randomness does frustrate me. The day ends feeling wasted, and when I look at my surroundings, I realised I’ve got nothing done. I was trying to work from home and look after my child at the same time and felt like I did both poorly, and this was when I bumped into this beautiful co-working space and child care ‘Monkey Business’

Can co-working and child care go hand in hand?

Yes, millions of working parents around the globe struggling to balance work and family life, while you work in a co-working space, your child can do his/her own work and have fun.

A little about Monkey Business:

Monkey Business is a family oriented collaborative work space targeted to entrepreneurs and freelance professionals who are also parents. It is located in Gurgaon(Golf course road South Point Mall 2nd floor)and it is easily accessible.

A good co working space encourages collaboration within its community, the right time and the right place makes all the difference.

At Monkey Business, we’re trying to make things a little bit easier to help you live a happy imperfect life, where the key here is not trying to balance it all, but rather, to find the right imbalance that works for you. We believe that children inherently know how to play and thus, learn. Children are invited to work with the materials that interest them, and through this independent choice, they can discover more about themselves and the world around them.

About the Founder;

Anamika Mathawan is a woman who wears many hats. From teaching toddlers to being an interior stylist and a businesswoman, she plays all the parts perfectly. As a new mom (of twins, at that) her hands were full, juggling between her two worlds – career and motherhood – was more of a daily struggle. Though she decided to give her a career a backseat for some time, the entrepreneurial itch in her refused to die. And thus Monkey Business was born. Today, she is the guiding spirit behind Monkey Business and ensures it becomes a cherished place for parents and kids alike; a place where a multitude of parents can find their balance between working and parenting. She is the one who ensures that your children’s safety and creative development are fostered with care at Monkey Business.

Vandana Maithani is an inspiration for all of us at Monkey Business. A mother of two, she is an entrepreneur and a Marketing Strategy & Innovation wizard. After a thriving corporate career of over two decades, today she enjoys her life while building new businesses. She’s an integral part of Monkey Business and as a passionate woman and career woman, she drives the philosophy home that no woman must have to choose between a career, family and motherhood. She also brings extensive managerial and leadership experience from the corporates that she has worked with in the past, like Samsung Electronics, CEB Iconoculture (Corporate Executive Board) and leading advertising and market research firms. She is an MBA by qualification and a traveller, yoga aficionado and diversity champion by interest.

Reena Sharma Kher is a woman of substance, a powerhouse of ideas and a go-getter. A versatile personality, she holds a doctorate in tourism and in her previous roles she has been teaching, consulting, training and mentoring people in various parts of the world. As a former co-founder of Li’L Giggles, a kids enrichment centre, she inspires a joy of reading and continuous learning. A born storyteller, Reena enthrals her audience with traditional, international & personal tales told in Hindi, English and an inch of Spanish. In her career spanning over 12 years, she has handled a wide spectrum of commercial operations for organisations like IBM, Amity University, SITEL, Ministry of Education, Maldives and Global Retail School etc. She’s a natural when it comes to team building and motivation and it has helped her in challenging assignments in departments like Training, Learning & Development. Due to her vast travelling experiences and energy, she absolutely loves to interact with people of all ages. Working for long hours, commuting long distances has been a part of her work life for several years until she realised she is going to be a mother soon with her first child. This got her thinking how challenging & struggling it would be for a full time working mom and got to learn the difficulties which she and many mothers face at work. This was her motivation to partner with the Monkey Business team, to create a space where mothers can continue their careers while striking a perfect balance between work & life.

Play area– Our playroom is designed for children to use their imagination, socialise with other children, and learn through play.At Work and Play we believe that children inherently know how to play and thus, learn.Children can use our supervised play service while you work in our shared office space.Children are supervised and entertained by our friendly and well-trained  staff.

While you are focused on working, catching up with email, participating in a meeting, attending a workshop or collaborating with others in our office/lounge or conference room we are here to take care of your child.

Hence, if you are one of those working parents and juggling your time between taking care of your child and your work, you should drop by Monkey Business. It’s a place where your child can find their animal instinct of doing their mischievous monkey business here! And as for you parents out will find this a relaxing place to work and have your child taken care as per your needs and requirements.. Drop in, have a look at the place and you would get glued to the place!

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