Is Monkey Business a co-working space exclusively for moms?
No, Monkey Business is open to all. However, the attached Kids’ Area makes it convenient for returning moms as it enables them to balance work and childcare.
Won’t having a Kids’ Area on site make the space noisy?
The coWork area and the coPlay area is partitioned. This prevents sound from the kids’ area filtering into the coWork area.
Who takes care of the kids? Are they qualified?
At Monkey Business we have experienced & well trained child caregivers who are assisted by a team of nannies. Our trained staff keep kids engaged in creative activities which are designed to enhance their motor, language and social skills.
Do I have access to my child? Can I watch them while working?
Yes. A glass partition separates the coWork area and the coPlay area with a connecting door.
What is the ideal age group for the coPlay area?
The coPlay area is designed for kids aged between 3 months and 6 years. For infants there is a separate nursery with cribs, a nursing area and a lounge where moms can cuddle and relax with infants on their laps.
Can I leave my child and go for meetings?
Yes, you can for a short while.
Do I have to take membership of the coPlay area to work?
No membership of the coWork & coPlay areas are separate. You can take one or both depending on your needs. We also offer other membership options like In-transit office, City office, Meeting Room membership etc. Just tell us your needs and we will tailor a plan for you.